MIXED FLAVOURS (Original&Kurkuma)<br>(24x60ml à 2,99€)
MIXED FLAVOURS (Original&Kurkuma)<br>(24x60ml à 2,99€)

MIXED FLAVOURS (Original&Kurkuma)
(24x60ml à 2,99€)

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Ginger Queen® Original

The best organic ginger, the tastiest organic lemons and the juiciest organic apples in the world, cold-pressed and gently preserved - that's Ginger Queen® Original. So simple and so ingenious. Pure lust! Fiery hot and tasteful. And therefore also ideal for mixing cocktails and long drinks. Probably the best ginger shot in the world.

Organic ginger: 17.5%, organic lemon juice: 5%, organic apple juice: 77.5%, no more and no less.

Ginger Queen® turmeric

The best organic ginger, 100% cold-pressed organic turmeric juice and the chilli cold-pressed in the Ginger Queen® factory at 5 degrees - that's Ginger Queen® turmeric. Turmeric gives this Ginger Queen® its bright yellow color and the chilli its pleasant spiciness. A Ginger Queen® a day ...

Organic turmeric juice: 3%, organic chili juice: 3%, organic ginger juice: 10%, organic lemon juice: 5%, organic apple juice: 79%, no more and no less. 


Shake the shot well before enjoying. 


The Queen knows no compromise. For the best raw materials, she also lets people search to the end of the world. For the high-quality ginger, the journey goes as far as Peru. Only there does the substance of their desire grow. Picked by hand and processed into juice in the fastest way in the Ginger Queen® factory. 


The bright yellow color makes the Ginger Queen ginger shot turmeric unique and unmistakable. The Queen decided on the so-called "magic bulb" not only because of the color. Turmeric improves digestion, is effective against food cravings and is even pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. A truly royal decision ...


Ripe and juicy apples are the prerequisite for the development of the unique ginger aroma. The taste of the carefully selected apple varieties harmonizes perfectly with the sharpness of the ginger and ignites a firework of pure lust.


The Queen has an extraordinary taste. The lemons of the Amalfi Coast are the only citrus fruits that meet this high standard. Pampered by the warming sun during the day and cooled by the wind at night, only here do the lemons develop the uniquely intense aroma for our Ginger Queen® ginger shots. The lemons are grown and cared for with passion on the steep terraces and are hand-picked and lovingly processed into pure juice in the Ginger Queen® factory.


Chili is an essential part of Ginger Queen® turmeric. Its pleasant sharpness helps the other aromas to develop wonderfully. The chilli, which gives this Ginger Queen variety a pleasant spiciness, is not a powder, but is cold-pressed in the Ginger Queen factory at 5 degrees . Sometimes the Queen loves it spicy too. Pure pleasure.


The Queen only has the juice, pressed with love, bottled in glass bottles. Glass is a sustainable raw material and for a pure taste experience without competition. The Queen is very picky and only drinks from glass.



Pure lust needs pure ingredients. Our royal ginger, golden-yellow lemons and fresh apples meet the Queen's extraordinary standards: the best varieties are exclusively organically grown, sorted by hand and filled with love. 


Taste is the product of quality and recipe. At Ginger Queen®, both have to meet royal standards. The Queen is uncompromising on this point. The result is Ginger Queen® shots with an unmistakable and unique taste.


The exclusivity is the result of the special selection of precious raw materials for the loving processing in the Ginger Queen® Manufactory with the aim of producing the best ginger shot. Exclusively only available from the Queen herself in the Ginger Queen® Online Shop.